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In Defense of College Consultants

A recent article in the New York Times posted an interview with a private school counselor regarding their take on whether or not their was a "need" for college consultants. My response was as follows:

It's interesting to see the reaction people have to the college consulting profession. An educator for over 23 years, and now a college consultant and founder of CMH College Consulting, I always found the time to assist those students that needed some extra help with their college search and applications. The student’s needs were varied. Most couldn't get in to see their counselor, others had poor counselors, some just needed more time than a counselor could give. But either way, student’s seeking additional assistance beyond the school counselor is not new. It's been going on for decades.

It’s funny how college consultants are being touted as “not truly needed” and criticized for being an unregulated profession, making claims that may not come true, and even ch…

Poor is not a four-letter word...

I recently attended a luncheon where we were addressed by a speaker who is quite well known in their field. The address began by giving us some informational background on how this speaker had overcome some economic hardships and had been guided by their mother’s sage advice. The speaker was able to go to college and as a result, became a success. They then shared one piece of advice in which they thought was key to this success. Apparently, this speaker’s mother had advised that if they didn’t want to grow up poor, they should spend some time living among the poor and observing them. Then, they should go out into the world and NOT do what those poor people did.

I was appalled…

In this day and age of equality and calls for acceptance among the diverse, there is still that prejudice against those that are poor. How is it that we still assume the poor are ignorant, lazy and worthless? How is it that in this day and age, we still equate being poor with unhappiness? Do we really beli…

In-state students acceptance rates declining

An article in the Washington Post confirmed what many had feared: in state students are having a much more difficult time getting accepted into their own state's universities. As the economy continues to lag, schools are finding it necessary to accept more out of state students to pay the higher tuition bill. The end result is that in state schools are becoming even more selective for the brightest students.

While this isn't great for students looking to stay at home in state, it does have one small advantage. While doors to your home state's flagship universities may be closing, doors to out of state flagships, which were traditionally closed to out of state students, are now becoming a bit easier to obtain entry into. The bottom line, however, is that students need to keep an open mind about where they want to apply to school and make sure that school is a fit - not just conveniently down the road.

CMH College Consulting: The Benefits of a College Visit

The Benefits of a College Visit

I'm often asked by parents if it is necessary for their child to visit a college before they apply. My answer is always the same: Absolutely! I then explain that this is a place your child will spend the next 4 years. This will be their home - they must feel comfortable. My speech usually lasts a bit longer, explaining that they need to be able to convince the admissions office that this is really what they want, etc.

Recently, however, I witnessed a completely different reason: watching a child realize they had found their fit and fall in love...

On a blustery, cold, wet day, as Hurricane Ida marched across the Carolina's making her Atlantic Assault, I had the opportunity to watch a young man realize he had finally found a fit. Touring the school with umbrellas being blown askew, rain soaking our pants and shoes, and the wind making the temperature feel close to freezing, I watched as the smile on this young man's face continued to grow. With each new building and com…

College tours

I just finished visiting Highpoint University, Catawba College, and Davidson College in North Carolina. View my photos on my Facebook Fan Page.