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Good news for SAT testers

A recent article in US News discusses the changes to the SAT.
I like the new change to the College Board SAT. Allowing students to chose which scores to send will be a great advantage for all students, particularly the determined test-taker. It is very stereo-typical to assume that upper-middle class kids have tons of free time on their hand, as they don't need to work and that they can all afford test prep. Many college-bound students not only understand the importance of a job for experience, but they also take pride in knowing that they are helping to pay for some of their personal expenses, college expenses, and even support of their family.I have seen students take the SAT as many as 8 times! These students were not sitting home in their middle upper class home with a private tutor. They were involved in numerous sports, activities, volunteer work and yes, they too held a j…

AP Scores

For those of you who are already registering for your fall college classes, the AP results from the May testing session are now available by phone. You need your AP registration number to request the results by phone; make sure you have a credit card to pay the $8 fee. If you don't have your number, you can call the college board and they will give it to you, then transfer you to the results by phone.

If you don't need the results immediately, they should be arriving by mail within the next two weeks.

Common Application Now Ready

The 2009 Common Application is now available on-line. Remember, this is for Seniors graduating in June of 2009. It's never to early to start! Go to and start early!