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AP Exams and the 2018 NC Teacher Walk-out

As if taking an AP exam weren’t stressful enough, now students in the state of North Carolina are dealing with having their AP exams disrupted on Wednesday, May 16, 2018 due to the teacher walkout. Don’t misunderstand; I fully support every teacher in the state. They absolutely deserve to be paid far more than they are being paid. It’s just yet another fight that they shouldn’t have to fight.

However, on May 16th, thousands of juniors across the state were preparing for their AP English Language Composition Exam. While the AP Macroeconomics and Italian exam are also administered this day, the AP English Language exam is one of those exams that have some bearing on their college applications. It’s the one they want to do well on to show colleges they really can write.

Unfortunately, for every county in the state that is walking out – each one is handling this differently. Wake County is requiring those students who are to take the exam to come to school anyway – I won’t address how th…

Up and Writing Again

It's been a while since I've posted anything to my blog. OK, a while might be a bit under-stated - it's been half a decade. Looking at my past posts, I've made a couple of observations about the field of education.

First, issues in education never really seem to change no matter what the decade is. It wouldn't be education if we didn't have major concerns centered on money. There’s the sky rocketing cost of education in public, private and higher education to worry about, as well as the lack of money needed to fund those institutions. There are continued concerns revolving around preparing our students: preparing them for the next grade level of school, preparing them to take standardized tests, and preparing them to get into college. And then there are the concerns about insuring that we produce the world's best students – which we seem to think we should be the best at in everything. This has led to schools and colleges competing to see who ranks as the …